Wednesday, October 29, 2008

fall snow

This was this mornings web cam shot from Look Rock in the Smoky Mountains. Snow! Fall Snow! Just to make sure I was seeing this correctly, I visited the Gatlinburg web page as well as the Park's own web page, and sure enough they report snow in the higher elevations!

Wow. This calls for a re-evaluation on packing! I was thinking it was going to be a brisk cold. Just enough for a few long sleeves and sweaters. But this calls for the big girl Michelin man jacket, especially for the hikes I have planned, which are in the higher elevations. And sturdy warm boots. Packing is now going to be more involved than I expected. I think tonight, Mr. D and I will go purchase a few thermals.

I still have a lot to do on my list. Its almost crazy on trying not to overwhelm myself with my excitement and plans. This week has been beyond busy. Here is the remainder of my To-Do list:

  • Shop for Thermals
  • Ship out the last of the Etsy Orders
  • Set shops to Vacation Mode
  • Print directions to the hotel, etc
  • Wash clothes (Thurs Nite)
  • Dye my hair, scrub and moisturize!
  • Boost immune system with Emergen-C
  • Clean house and put items away
  • Secure plants indoors (don't forget to water!)
  • Pack Clothing and Essentials (Thurs Nite)
  • Prepare the house and Mr. Buddy for being away.
  • Make sure all the files at work are finalized
  • Make sure all the freelance projects loose ends are tied/finalized
  • Give Mr. S deposit slips and Friday bills to be taken care of.
  • Make Trail Mix and prepare foods (Thurs Nite)
  • Pack and Prepare the car/box (Thurs Nite)
  • Print out Hike Maps/Plans
I'm sure there are a million more things to do. Those are the only ones that are pressing my mind at the moment. So much to do and time is approaching fast. I can hardly wait! Yay!

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Lil' Ole Me said...

My little sister lives in TN and she bragged about that snow... She's a turd. LOL!