Monday, October 27, 2008

New Items in the Shop

I have just posted two of the new Holiday stationary sets in the shop.
And could not be more happy about it.

Set One : Happy Holiday Lanterns in Blue.

Set Two : Happy Holiday Ornaments in Magenta.

I have more sets coming along, this week has been distracting and busy. I've been shipping packages for At Sea Level and then I've been distracted a bit by preparing for the trip this week.

A Sunday Stroll -
Yesterday, Mr. D and I had a bit of cabin fever so we decided to take a stroll along the beach. It was a bit chilly but totally worth it. I've never seen the waters that still and glassy. It was almost as if you could walk on water! The colours were indescribable - of shiny light blues and aqua greens. It was magic. I've also learned that fall is the perfect time for beach combing. Millions of shells everywhere! As well as my favourite little bird, the sand piper, were also everywhere. I love their little short bird legs. So CUTE! I took a few photos to share - so enjoy!


Shannon said...

Love your new cards! Simple and clean and beautiful!

And what lovely pictures at the beach -- it looks like a *perfect* day!

Yours in Christ,

Kim D said...

Thank you doll!

I know! We both are so blessed to live here and enjoy absolutely *perfect* days such as that!

Love and Blessings - K

nora yuen said...

Lucky girl Kim. I love the ocean and really misses it living here in Edmonton.

love Nora