Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Locked out.

This cartoon alone speaks volumes of my day on Monday. I was locked out of my car for 3 hours. While the car was ON and running. There inside were my keys, and yes, spare clicker, my purse, most importantly my phone! (to call for help!), and everything else. I had just packed up my car to go to fashion-sewing lesson, I had decided since it was cold to warm up my car. The auto start on my clicker wasn't working, so I manually started my car, keys dangling in the ignition, all the doors unlocked, I load up my sewing machine, and shut the door to go walk around to the other side to get in, halfway around the car, I hear - CLICKTEY CLICK! My heart went Clunk! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Oh dear no! - Oh yes, it had happened, thanks to the technological advances in the manufacturing world to make smarter cars, my own car locked me out. Nice. And in the cold. Nicer. So I search everywhere - no spare key, no spare clicker. Curse Modern Cars! I then thought, wait a tick! I can pop the hood and disconnect the battery cables! Least that will shut the car off until I can get in there.. I go to the hood, no latch for opening, oh no, of course not.
You have to do it from the INSIDE!! rar! Curse Modern Cars and all the bells and whistles!
I go knock on doors down the street, surely someone will let me use there phone. Not a answer. Of course not. Its only 50 degrees outside. Grr.

So after all of 3 hours waiting out on the stoop. Mr D arrives home, late of course. But luckily with the phone to call a Locksmith. I was mostly worried, not over locking the keys in, but whether my car was going to run hot sitting there idling for 3 hours. Fortunately, it didn't.
So that was my Monday - Spoiled to the 9's.

Tuesday - Since I was so worried over my car, Mr D suggested that I go get my oil and filters changed. At least that would do it some good. So I did. I went to the WDW - its cheaper to get your oil changed there - even if it is by the Mass Man. So while there, I toured and took inventory of the place, got a spare key made and a lock box - and lastly made my way down the magazine aisle. What a fortune! I found this very new magazine - Stitch. by Quilting Arts. http://quiltingarts.com/stitch/index.html
What Luck indeed - it contained patterns for several projects including several skirts, most especially the one on the cover, since that alone was what made me grab the magazine. I had thought, ooo! I LOVE that skirt! I could so rock that! Luckily, I eventually can! I am so loving the fact that I can begin to sew my own clothing! I have began on one of the patterns in the magazine - a Moebius Cowl. It is easy and tricky at the same time. And I have screwed it up already. Last night I was near 90% complete, when I realized I had misread the instructions, now I'm ripping out seams and will have to re-sew the thing tonight. I'm hoping by tonight I shall be finished with it and can sport it to work this week. Let's hope!

Then again.... seems like I'm having THAT kind of week. And who knew keys could gum up the works? I sure can't wait for Sunday - that means I get a fresh start to a new week. I can patiently wait for that! ;o) No problem. Carpe Diem?

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