Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vanity Mirror.

There is not much to talk about today so this post is going a little off track... Its rather cold here and work is slow. I was a bit bored. I had already updated my etsy shops with new photography and new items. I then began scouting for christmas things Mr. D wants for my list - and I thought I am lacking in the blouse department. And that made me think of the outfit I wore today. I guess here comes the vanity part. I decided to photograph what I wore. I rather like it, a quirky twist on my usual wardrobe and a solution for the lack of a nice blouse. Tada! This is me on this brisk Saturday:

And what is so different about this new found wardrobe idea, you ask?
The blouse under the knit cardigan is a dress. A quite long dress, about to the knees. It is a rather couture dress, it has really really large rose buddets and a large circue du solei type collar and pleating along the top. But it is a type of couture I think I can pull off in an everyday atmosphere. Its not to "out there" in couture standards. I bought the dress from my friends shop ( I designed her new website, I'm also taking fashion d lessons from her currently.)

To share what I have on:
  • Creme Knit Cardigan by Kenji
  • Silky Creme Dress (tucked in as blouse) by Miss Me Couture
  • Gold and Silver Metallic Woven belt by Mudd
  • Black Denium Skinny Jeans by Hydraulic
  • Silver and Black Velvet Wedge Heels by Wild Rose (an ebay find)
The jewelry was provided for the most part from my work. :o)
I wore a long handlink thin bubble loop necklace by Melissa Joy Manning and I wore my own personal ring - vintage - silver with a dark blue stone (we have yet to figure out what it is).
And of course my own wedding set! Ha!

And that is my work outfit. After compiling that list, I do have to say, I think I'm wearing far too many "name brand" items than I'm normally used to. That kind of makes me antsy. None the less, it works for work and play.

On to other things - far more interesting than wardrobe - I'll also share the things I posted or say re-posted in the shops today.

The last run of the Turkey Run card matched with the Green envelope. This card has been really popular. I posted 3 sets yesterday or whenever I did, and all three were purchased immediately. So I'm posting the last two I have. I'm possibly going to post more of this design but with a different envelope option. Here is the final set:

I've also re-taken and re-posted new photographs for my Sea Impression necklaces. I was a bit hasty the first go around on photographing. This time I went slow, added some stationary for background colour and came up with far better photos than before. I am pleased. So check out the entire collection of all new photos of the Sea Impression necklaces at At Sea Level Studios
Here are a few examples of those new photos:

So what a day, right? haha - yeah right! Well I am looking forward to getting finished with the last 30 minutes of work, to have the remainder of the evening to spend at home, watch Juno, print stationary, and for the remainder of the weekend - Sun, Mon, Tues - work on a calendar collection, work on my skirt pattern for my lesson, sew all new wallets and bags for the At Sea Level shop, and of course print more stationary - trying to finish all the designs I have jotted in my idea book ranging from birthdays, babes, weddings, invitations, summer, all the holidays, etc
So here is wishing you all a wonderous and fullfilling weekend! Carpe Diem Indeed.

By the way - A shout out to my newest Blog subscriber - My Pops! Hi Dad! He just got a new computer (with internet! thank the stars) and now he can keep up with all my little adventures. Hurrah!

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Shannon said...

Love the outfit, Kim! You really can pull that off splendidly -- it's amazing how each person has her own style, and you certainly seem to have found yours! :-)

And the new pictures for your shop are fantastic!

Yours in Christ,