Saturday, January 17, 2009

By the Scruff of the Neck.

Call me stupid or of lacking common sense, but one would think the worst time to decide to get a short haircut would be during the coldest cold snap this nation has seen in years! Am I right?! or am I right? Of course I am!

However I'm not sure what possessed me earlier this week - possibly the irritating length of the back of my hair getting caught half in and half out of my shirt collars that could have drove me to the edge. Monday morning, I made a bee line bright and early to the first salon I could find open at 9am (and shockingly there are few and far between that are open that early, I've come to the conclusion that hair dressers are not early birds) and got my ever growing bob cut.

After it was cut, while sitting in the chair, I thought what a masterful idea! Ah! My head feels so FREE!!! Of course, once I left the salon and the cold winds blasted my now nekkid head, I started to go into shell shock - and did not return from that state of panic until long after I arrived home, took a hot shower, and styled the barely there hairs myself. Coming to copes that I had retreated back to my short haired days of yore, I remembered I could totally rock this new 'do. And that was the purpose of having a small extensive hat and scarf collection, to keep all my noggin' bits warm.

But geez, this week alone has been a test! I've been wearing my caplets like that boy on the laundry commercials with his "security" beanie on! I even wore mine to bed the other night, just like he did. Unfortunately, I didn't have someone to lovingly come snatch said beanie off my head to launder it. *bummer* No doubt getting a short crop during winter is nearly something that requires lack of senses - common sense to be certain!

With all that said, here are the results. Two photos I couldn't choose between.
I know, I know both look exactly the same, except in one I'm just slightly turned a bit. You can see my ears ( in which I'm always conscious about.. I think my ears are weirdo.. and I sometimes don't like wearing them out. They are demure.)

The cut:

And yes, I would have loved to blog about something other - like an art project I'm working on - but... those are still in the rough stages and I haven't a chance to take a quick snapshot. So for now, things are hairy. ;o)


Sandy said...

Very, very pretty! I'd love to get my hair done like that but it still wouldn't look that great (after I have once touched it). I have had my hair even shorter and I liked it.

Stay warm!

Kim D said...

awe thanks! I bet yours would look just as good! I have had my hair shorter than this also, but it has been a while. I think I didn't really realize how long my hair was, until of course - its gone!

But I like it now - not the cold winds - but I like it! ;oD haha!

Amber said...

I like #2. And your eyelashes look lovely! :o)

Amy said...

Love your hair!!! I want to see you in one of your hats! I am so curious of how cold it is in Flordia!! My hubby's family said MN was -20 with wind chill factor at -50!! I am so thankful I don't live there anymore.

Ear muffs!!!! You can wear them now...and you would look so cute and wintery.

You have the perfect face for short hair.....I wish I did :(

hubbygis is my word verication below..ha!