Saturday, January 31, 2009

How many Fingers?

Its a sad discovery to say your husband is right... especially when it regards your own eyesight. Mr. D keeps telling me I need to go have my eyes checked when I can. That he believes I'm having some "problems". Yes, I've been having a lot of headaches lately - but I thought were related to either extreme sinus pressure or migraines.

It wasn't until yesterday and partly today I realized, sighing of course, that maybe he is right. I came to this conclusion when I was looking over a book at work on a new collection of wedding rings... I was looking over the quality and technique - and I kept thinking to myself - "this is a wedding collection line sheet book, why didn't they work on the quality of their photos, why aren't they bigger, crisper?" Then I was looking up to answer a question my boss asked me and realized how close the book was to my face - along with the look on her face. I'm hoping she thought I was REALLY INTO studying the samples! That was when I realized... hmm.. maybe D's right... yet again.

Ugh, I detest wearing glasses but I will if I have to... and I can't dare entertain the thought of contacts. A microscopic speck of dust that gets in my eye alone drives them wild and crazy! I can't imagine what it would be like putting something the size of a miniature dinner plate over them! So I guess glasses it will be. Or at least a revision to my old frames.

I have glasses - though weren't "all the time glasses". The doc said the last time I was in that the muscle that holds my eye into focus becomes tired after a while, and I needed the glasses for temporary circumstances. Otherwise, he felt everything was fine. And it has been so... I guess until now. And I'm am about as excited as eating peas and carrots - and we all know I hate peas and carrots.

I just hope that "IF" I do need glasses - I hope that I can find a pair that is as jazzy and smart as the ones above! ;oD

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