Friday, March 6, 2009


Lately it seems that a LOT of people continuously keep inquiring if my "background" is in photography or if I do/have done photography for a living in the past. Sure, I've taken a few classes in photography, I know how to process and develop film / a darkroom junkie and I've won a scholarship in photography, however I've never done anything serious with it. It's just always been a fun little random hobby of mine.

Usually I just humbly say thank you to those thoughtful words of inquiry & comments. But I'm beginning to wonder if I should start taking my photography seriously? nah...

Maybe? I don't know to be honest, but all these questions in the past few months have seriously peaked an interest in my mind. It brings up the question of, am I in my right calling? Should I have taken that scholarship and pursued photography as a career? Or are people just being polite?

But that is just it, I have not ever "provoked" those comments of late. It is thru my current line of work, posting "work photography" that I've done for the website at work, that leads people automatically assume that photography is my trade. And when I tell them it is not - they clearly inform me that IT SHOULD BE! Even the photographers at the local Photo supply shop I go into to get supplies for work, have been asking me about cameras, setups I use, so on and so forth, etc...Then they've asked me about who have I worked for, my clientele and photography background, and I tell them I have slim to none - its just a hobby - boy! do I get an earful about how it should be! ha!

So now you can see why my interest has been peaked.

I think I'm going to continue with photography on a amateur level unless God directs me to do something more with it. And of course, He will have to send me a good "shove" because I'm horrible at picking up subtle hints. Unless any of you think the above examples are hints and I'm totally missing it. I can be so naive.

Anyway, random thoughts for the day that I thought I would just put "out there."


Amber said...

I personally like your photog style. :o) What a fun talent to have!

Kim D said...

Thanks Amber! ;oD