Thursday, March 12, 2009


So after many days of consideration and discussion, deep thought into personal creative future goals and yes, debate of future economic/financial conditions, I've decided to go back into freelance with full force and personal motivational fire.

I've already lined up a few clients for the coming months, and I'm also trying to "get out there" and create new contacts, I'm also currently designing my own promotional materials and a website that will showcase my previous work in graphic design, photography and mixed media art.

I'm taking the approach of clean and streamlined - "Design Solutions made simple."

Here is a preview of my business card -

On my card, I've left off my phone number since it always seems to deter local people from calling it since my phone number is not a local one. I figure I will be in contact with my clients a lot by email and in person anyway for the creative process. If they do need my phone number, I can give this to them at my digression via email. The website on my card - I'm still currently working on - for those who may be tempted to visit. I'm hoping to be completed with it by early next week..*fingers crossed*

I'm very excited over this endeavor that we as a family unit have prayed about and feel confident that it will be a good choice for me to continue being creative and to help supplement my current income - in case a future worse case scenario may occur.

With all those things said... *shameless plug* If any of you know of anyone who needs any graphic design services, simple photography and art - feel free at your own accord to pass my contact information along.. I would as always continuously be grateful.

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