Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grape Suzette!

Lots of goings on since I've returned from my vacation. Yes, photos will be eventually posted once developed.. or more or less, once I've had time to go develop them. Anyway....

Short Mix Red Necklace at Grape Suzette

A new shop has opened its virtual doors on Etsy and I couldn't help to be super excited.
It's the Grand Opening of GRAPE SUZETTE on Etsy!

I'm beyond thrilled since after all, I sort of did have a small hand in masterminding it all... and also terribly modeling the wears until purchases are made and customers can send in photos of themselves wearing the pieces to be placed in the listings. Fun stuff!

Until then, here I am... playing mischievous to the Paparazzi... heh.

Enjoy a sneak peek of all the lovely items.. .or should I say in the words of Grape Suzette, herself... not items.. but Flourishments and Fancifuls... :O)

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Amber said...

Oooh! Those are pretty!