Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Sweet Affair... Design 1.

In all my many many many years of designing... this is my first ever attempt of wedding stationary design... and I have to admit.. its rather fun and romantic!

I just finished designing the first Proof for my sisters wedding invitations. I'm not even certain whether she will like them.. or if the art is okay.. and I still don't know all of the information yet... or the right shade of pink... but... I had fun designing these.. :O) I had even more fun with Word Play on her soon-to-be new last name! Anyway.. I just wanted to share the sample of the first proof, until it possibly changes, after this weekend. Above is the invitation.

Here is the RSVP card... The Save the Date card will look much like the invitation.. I was just too exhausted to finish that one.. I stayed up til 1am working on these after an already long day at the shop. However I am super thankful that J is letting me design her invitations! I know this saves her alot on stationary expenses.. and she should definitely be lucky that Mr. J is a Printing Pressman! She has no clue how expensive invitational stationary can be! Especially cute stationary! ;o)

Regardless.. of changes... this set is definitely going to look great and work well for her!


Amber said...

PRECIOUS! Why WOULDN'T she not just love them?! :o)

Shannon said...

Hey Kim! The invitation and response card are just wonderful! Goodness, in all my invitation "browses," I don't think I've ever seen a sweeter (no pun intended ;-) design!

Love in Christ,

Kim D said...

Thanks Ladies!

Shannon - Thank you! You are always such the doll! And congratulations on your pending nuptials! I bet you have seen a many of invite lately!