Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you all are having a lovely one as I am, even if there are roofers working above me here at work. They sound much like someone let loose a bag of angry badgers and squirrels who are dueling, clawing and scrapping to the very end. That in itself is quite noisy, but regardless, it is going to be a wonderful day!

This arrived in to me yesterday: The Paper Sets for Midnight Design Studios!

Now I can get to work this evening preparing items for that shop! I'm super excited about that!

I had such a lovely day yesterday, I spent most of it doing my domestic house duties. And while to some that doesn't sound fun, I actually enjoyed it. I loved cleaning the house with the doors open, the smell of bleach lingering in the nice cool breeze that would occasionally sweep through.

I also ran the usual errands, but I stopped by Lifeway to browse a bit. I am supposed to be looking for / or choosing a Bible that I want for Christmas that my in laws will get for me. Since my most favourite study Bible in all the world is missing from the move. I've been using a regular family Bible, that in my opinion, is difficult to read and study from. I dearly miss my study Bible. But! I think I found a dreamy substitution! Such a relief.

While I was there, I found a few books on clearance that I picked up for the guys and myself. The book I purchased for myself is called: Stress Busters for Women- 30 Life-Altering Devotions for Women about Coping with Stress and Claiming God's Abundance. Not that I'm stressed at the moment, but I thought about the times I do stress out and figured I should get this book and read it now, that maybe it will help me manage dealing with stressful times. Mr. D is always telling me how I should get a handle on stressing out. This book so far is fantastic! I am as cool and collected as a cucumber. ;o)

Speaking of reading, I decided to give up on reading Beautiful Dreamer by Christopher Bigsby. And while I never like to give up reading a book, I just can't get my mind into this one. It is starting out so slow and dull. I've read many pages of it and I feel like each page is just a mixed batch of redundancy of the last 3 pages I had read before. The author can't seem to move the plot along. And I can't seem to keep my focus on the story if the author can't do his job by keeping me entertained. So...with that said, I'm throwing in the marker. I just can't read it.

Instead, I've checked out another new read, the history & civil war lover that I am - Mr. Lincoln's War by Adam Braver. The author here in this book had me at hello and has no trouble keeping my attention. I am already five chapters deep into the book. And it looks like I am going to be finished with this book prior to my road trip. So if anyone has any suggestions on a good book for a road trip, preferably historical or religious in nature, please share your ideas with me!

And speaking of road trips, my trip to Mississippi and back went very well! And I had a chance to visit Almost everyone that I had wanted to see. Sorry I missed you Skhi! However I did get to see Kathy, my Dad and my sister! So that was really perfect to cure a small secret case of homesickness for friends. I took a few photos along the way to document my journey driving a big Chevy truck. Here are those photos. I also have several more here at my Flickr account.

Crossing Mobile Bay

Still Crossing Mobile Bay

The City of Mobile. And on the left you will see the Carnival Cruise Ship.

Closer to the City of Mobile

Approaching the Mobile Bay Tunnel. Eek!

In the tunnel. Pardon the Bug Guts.

Mississippi at last. Hello Miles of Pine Trees.

and miles of coastal marsh. I stopped taking photos after this point. The view is much the same.

However I had a good trip, finished what needed to be done, visited, and arrived back home safe and sound into the loving arms of my guys and my sunshine state! There's no place like home!

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Tiffany said...

Sounds like your busy! I like your comments on the looooooong bridge to Mobile. :-)