Thursday, October 23, 2008



My anticipations of a Autumnal Road Trip at the ending of this month are at last slightly calmed.
This morning I finally reserved a room for Mr.D and I. Though it was not exactly where we were hoping to stay at first, but the lodging is still a nice place in a good area in the city. If memory serves correctly. It is either near the Ripley Aquarium - or - it is right next to the Great Smokey Mountain Park entrance. I can never remember, though I'm thinking its the first pick, near the Aquarium. Either way, its fantastic, we won't have to worry over parking in the city, and are just a hop-skip away from everything! The only driving would be as expected for our trips into the park.

Oh I am so excited! I can hardly believe that this time next week, I will be packing and preparing to leave to the Smokey Mountains on Friday! What joy! Now, if only the lodging would hurry and email me confirmation of the reservations, would my anxious nerves be officially settled!

I can't wait to see the glorious peaks of the mountains, the vivid colours of the foliage, the crunch of leaves underfoot whilst hiking the wooded trails, the coolness of the air! Oh! The anticipation is much like Christmas Eve! I'm ready to go now! But I' can be a Virtue of Patience and wait. :o)

I'm planning to explore the old historic cabins in Cades Cove, hoping to hike to Grotto Falls, view the vistas at Clingman's Dome. Grab a cup of warm coffee in the village, and taste the home cooked meals at the Old Mill. And of course take a million photos in the process, as well as from the advice of my dear friend Kathy, create a Travel Journal - recording our trip.

We plan on taking our own food to spare having to eat out so much at unhealthy places. I'm already prepared to make my infamous trail mix for our hikes. I'll share my trail mix recipe here with you all today. It's enjoyable whether you are going on a mountain hike or not!

Kim D's Infamous Trail Mix -
  • a package of dried pineapple
  • a package of dried cranberries (regular or apple flavoured)
  • a package of dried blueberries
  • a package of chocolate covered plums (or yogurt covered raisians)
  • a package of dry salted peanuts
  • Half a package of Coconut
  • One or Two Quart Sized Ziplock Bags
Start by pouring part by part of the ingredients into a Ziplock bag. Stop half way closing the Ziplock bag and shake, mixing the ingredients. Start again, adding the remainder of the ingredients part by part until you have added everything. Close the Ziplock bag and Shake until Mixed well. And you are done! Makes a lot of trail mix - split the mix half and half between two bags for better porportions.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Thursday!

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