Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The First Hello.

Hello Blog land. This is my first hello on this new blog. For my many followers, I have decided to try out a new blog format to meet my many blogging needs. I think Blogger will be the better choice since I can network with fellow artists more so than I can at my current blog on Xanga.
It also links directly with my email accounts and more. Definitely most beneficial indeed!

Now I'm not giving up my Xanga blog all entirely.
I think I will use it more for personal ramblings.
This blog I will use more for all my Art and Etsy
endeavors. But who knows - my adventures at Sea will bleed over onto this one I am more than sure! But as I watch my shops grow and find the need to expand my horizons with each shop, as well as assist family members with their own art adventures. This just seemed to be the smartest choice. I need to separate and grow. So Hello There Blogger! Here I am!


Morrigan said...

Welcome to blogger:)

Shannon said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad you're on Blogger now -- I wanted to comment on your other blog, but I don't have a Xanga account :-)

I can't wait to see what you have in store! (no pun intended -- honestly ;-)

Yours in Christ,

Kim D said...

Thanks Morrigan!

@ Shannon - Thanks! Well I think the final straw to switching to blogger was the fact that I was having a hard time keeping up reading yours and Tiffany's blogs, along with several others I try to read on a daily basis. Yesterday I had decided I had - had the last straw and swapped to Blogger. I am so glad that I have!

I thought I had a lot of capabilities on Xanga. But blogger is so much more so beneficial with what I need.

So Woot Woot! I'm heeerrreee!

Blessings! - K

Amber said...

Nice to see you here! :o)

And I still love your new cut!