Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Like Coming Home.

I just found out that I will have to make a Day Trip on Monday back over to my Home State of Mississippi for personal reasons. As much as I was (and still am) so glad to finally move from there. I somehow always secretly rejoice on coming back. Mostly to visit and see those loving and familiar faces that I rarely ever get to entertain. Then the other part of negative dread is the drive over, filled of nothing but miles of road and pine trees. I always cringe and rejoice when this sign welcomes me back:

It is like a mile marker of "I'm almost there, yay!" to the cringe point of "oh yay, I'm back." I always have mixed feelings about coming back to the Home State. I love qualities about it and detest qualities about it. The latter part being now that I'm living in a new state that has so wonderfully spoiled me. But I always do quietly enjoy visiting old Mayberry. It never ceases to welcome me back home, pick right up where I left off with gossip and the life, its almost as if I had never left.

And the hospitality is always oh so nice! Not that Floridians aren't hospitable. But there is a difference in Mississippi Hospitality and Floridian Hospitality. After all, MS is the Hospitality State! Anyway, this time I really do look forward to coming back for a quick visit, take care of business, and see friends I dearly miss. So Look out Mayberry! Here I come!

Hey There Boys! I'll see you on Monday!


Amber said...

IKWYM. I always wanted to move away from down here but after meeting my hubby, it just feels like 'home' now. :o)

PS: It's so much easier to comment here! LOL! ;o)

Kim D said...

At first I thought we were never going to get to move from there... So I eventually began to accept living there. So now I think from that acceptance, once we did finally move, it made me slightly miss the positive subtle things about being there.

I didn't know you were still living over there. I thought you were living elsewhere?!

It is so much easier to comment here! for sure!