Friday, October 17, 2008

To Write On.

cards envelopes

And so it begins. I've placed my orders for stationary (and cellophane packaging for shipping all of the stationary /designs in) when I start listing items in the shop at Midnight Design Studios. Now all I have left to do is refill the printer inks. And I will be ready to rock, design and roll! I am super excited and yet I'm super nervous. I know there is still so much I still need to do in setting up my second Etsy shop. But I am looking forward to getting it all ready to launch.

Just to share the colour combination's I've selected for the future stationary sets, I've picked out some fun mix and matches. Some that will be proper for autumn and the winter months. Others that will be fun for anytime of the year. I've selected the following colours in 4 Bar Folded cards and Flat Cards with contrasting envelopes. Sage, Curry, Pool and Poppy - cards with Chartruese, Lake, Beet and Bluebell - envelopes. As well as a basic white Eco Paper sets for the general designs I have in mind. Oooo, I love paper! I can hardly wait til it all arrives! I also love the smell of fresh paper. Okay, I do realize I'm revealing my inner graphic design / paper press geekiness here. But seriously, there is nothing more thrilling than the smell of freshly packed (and also printed) paper! Bliss! Its almost a happy marriage between the smell of "new car" and "fresh cut grass". Ah! I'm getting all goosebumpy just thinking about it. Hurry Fed Ex Man! Hurry!

Speaking of hurry... I'm also trying to setup my kid sister (okay - she's not really a kid. more like 23, i feel old now.) an Etsy shop. I already claimed the name for her - Squirt ms.

Why that name you ask? Because that is the family nickname Dad and I call her, Squirt. The ms part is because she still lives in Mississippi. She wanted just Squirt, however someone already has it, but what can one do? So she will be selling her clay sculptures. She is an amatuer sculptor and little does she know she has an amazing God given talent that she never uses. Even I studied sculpture at University at she has me far beat when it comes to sculpting the human figure. She is good. She sculpts figures much like the ones below I'm using as an example:

So I convinced her last Sunday that she needs to use that talent and try to become more self sufficient and earn a living doing something that she loves doing. So after some thought, she decided yes! I'm so thrilled. She doesn't have internet though and being the sweet crazy sister that I am, I decided to run the shop for her and just pay her what she is due each month.

So she will create the pieces, securely package, mail to me a few states over, I will then check for safe arrival, photograph and upload the pieces to her shop, maintain her shop, take care of all the shipping, etc. So basically I will run it and she earns the profits and satisfaction in doing what she loves! And that in itself makes me more than happy to help her (for free of course!)

I have so many wonderful things to look forward to in the coming months. And maybe even the ending of this October month. Mr. D and I just may be taking a weekend trip back to the wonderous Smokey Mountains. I hope all the red tape works out and that we can return for a visit there. It would be such a joyous mini-vacation for such a busy upcoming holiday season.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopes up! Here is to Luck and Exciting Possibilities!


Morrigan said...

I'm a sucker for the mountains near Asheville, NC. The Smokies are just a relatively short trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway from there.

Kim D said...

Lucky! I would go as much as I often could. We are hoping to go back to Gatlinburg, TN. Which is where the husband and I married. I love it there.

The earth is just so ancient and majestic there that it just almost speaks to you. I love hiking the wooded trails and taking so many photos.

I can hardly wait to go! I really hope our trip plans out. *fingers crossed*