Saturday, October 25, 2008


It is such a lovely Saturday here. Crisp cool and perfect. I honestly don't have too much to write about today, however my dependency to blog over exceeds my ability to create words.

Last night after work I began working out several new designs for stationary sets for Midnight Design Studios. I finished three sets for far. One involving Christmas, another Thanksgiving, the last Birthday. I'm actually pleased at how well the designs and colours turned out. Much better than I had expected. Sometimes the designs that float about in my mind once turned into reality doesn't mesh well. These however were just right! I'm looking forward to complete these sets by printing and packaging up with the cellophane wraps and photographing, so that I can post it all in the shop by Monday. I wanted to post those new designs here today but I forgot to bring the files with me. So I snoozed I lost. There is always Monday!

I had a really lovely time last night. Like I said, I was designing on my own free will, which is always oh so nice, but I also had a lovely dinner date with Mr. D out on the town last night. Just he and I, which is often a rarity. Sure I love Mr. S to bits and bits as well as his company, but I do especially love when its Mr.D and I. Its like starting over fresh each time, like we are just dating again, except with better flow of conversation and less chances for uncomfortable pauses.

After the date, Mr D and I came home to watch some tv and discuss religion and politics. Ooh good choice of topics! And I realized something super funny but true that I just had to post about today. I was going to try to wait a little later toward the election. But I really can't resist something so good.

Despite the views of most of my friends, I am a Republican and have always been a republican. I am aware of the negativity and hate that follows that tag, but to bad. I'm am me. Anyway, I thought of a new terrible and funny campaign slogan for we Republicans to help persuade the thoughts and votes of some undecided and possibly from that other party to help rock the vote.



I'm terrible. I know. But I seriously could not resist. *smirks* Happy Weekend!


Lil' Ole Me said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with for your Etsy shop! :o)

(PS: I'm an "R" too! Shhh!)

Shannon said...

LOL! I'm sure Tina Fey would be very grateful to you for your new campaign slogan! ;-) Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

Yours in Christ,

Kim D said...

Mr D and I were talking about it. Even though she is rather funny at times, I detest hearing her view on politics. But despite, i think this new campaign slogan would help us win! and yes, give us something to laugh about for 4 years! Take that Tina! HAHA! ;oP

Love and Blessings - K