Friday, October 24, 2008


By now I am sure you are all tired of hearing about my upcoming trip. But I really can hardly wait. And speaking of waiting, I had a real beef with the internet this morning. It was having a few technical difficulties. I'm not sure if it was the onslaught of rain, the roof repair construction or both had taken its effects on the old 1800's house.

So while I was patiently waiting for the connection to return, I finally finished the banners and avatars for both etsy shops - Midnight Design Studios and Squirt ms. Both in which turned out far better than I had hoped and look much better than my At Sea Level shop.
Here are the banners and avatars for each shop:

Midnight Design Studios

Squirt ms

I think both came out wonderfully. It makes me feel like I need to revamp my other shops image up a bit. But then again, I am awfully fond of the banner there. *wink wink*. I do like the look of the whale for J's shop. The facial expression of the whale reminds me of that little wide eyed smirk she has. I think she will love the design. She loves sea animals as much as I do and I think this one is a perfect play off of her childhood nickname. I also love the ship in my new shop's avatar. There it is, an old clipper navigating the rough seas of the night, teetering on to a safe harbor. Much like I feel when I'm designing late at night, like an old ship about to fall off... to sleep. ha ha! I have to say that both are quite perfect for their fittings.

Well I have received a new recipe today from my friend, Kathy. I have yet to actually try this recipe but it is quite suitable for this coming weeks theme - mountainous trips = mountainous appetites! I thought I would also share this delightful recipe with you all as well. Happy Eats!

Mountain Burgers
(compliments of my friend Kathy's father and his Army Reserve Unit. - Thanks Guys!)
  • a pound of hamburger meat
  • onions, chopped
  • relish
  • salt and pepper
  • cheese
  • jalapenos
  • mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce (what ever you like)
  • wax paper for lining and prep

Cut out a sheet of wax paper that is about the size of a sheet of paper. Place hamburger meat on it in about the amount to make a fairly large hamburger. Flatten the meat in an oval shape pretty thin. On one side of the oval, add chopped onions, relish, salt and pepper, cheese, jalapenos, mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce and/or whatever other fixings you like. Fold over the oval to make half an oval (like making a turnover). This is the part where the wax paper comes in handy. You can use it to fold the burger over and crimp around the edges. Once done, keep on the wax paper and stack a plate with multiple burgers. Take to grill and grill them. These are so good because all that stuff is cooked INSIDE the burger. We serve on a plate (no bun) with baked beans , coleslaw and Texas Toast. Eat with a fork.

Yum! I can hardly wait to make these. This may be something we decide to do one evening at the Lodge or maybe as a outdoor grill picnic in the Mountains. But we will have to be careful of those hungry bears! Just try and let a bear take one of these burgers from me! Okay, you are right, I would scream like a little girl, toss it and run! You people have me pegged.

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