Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catch up.

I'm back from my wonderful Autumnal Road Trip to the Smoky Mountains. It was absolutely stunning and I am terribly torn that we had to leave it behind so soon. Words cannot even begin to describe the absolute beauty of nature that was before us and always reminds me of my place here on Earth. I always forget how truly breathtaking the mountains are, until I'm literally there. I am "homesick" already to go back and Mr D and I are already scheming two more trips in the distant future. The Autumnal beauty really had taken us back and made us literally contemplate if the Coastal life should be our permanence. I believe he and I learned far more in this trip about the area than we ever had in years past and made the experience that more compelling.

I have numerous amounts of photos. So much so, that I'm still going thru them. Trying to choose which ones to share with you all (I want to share ALL the photos!) and trying to figure out what would be the best way to share them. I guess Photobucket would be ideal. However I do like Flickr's overall share ability. I will post the photos sometime this week.

At the moment, I'm still playing Catch-Up at work and at home for going away. The house required two days worth of good scrubbing and airing out from a celebratory weekend by Mr. S. It was his birthday and he had friends over, and boys will be boys. But the house is back in ship shape order. I returned to work today to "clean house" and catch up on items here. Tonight will be an Etsy Shop Catch up on making custom orders and take care of shipping orders that were made over the weekend.

Sometime this week, I also need to sketch out a few mock-up logos for a city meeting I'm having to attend. I'm trying to create the "brand identity" for Gallery Night - that takes place here each month. I'm rather nervous about this meeting. Its a rather big "To-Do" thing. And if the committee likes my logo ideas, my logo design will be used City wide on all promotions, and not only city wide, but possibly state and world wide web as well. Ah~! the pressure! But I'm surely not going to let this opportunity pass me, its a ship I plan on catching to put my work out there.

Another thing that is sitting heavy on my mind are the election results. I did not watch it last night. My stomach was already in knots over the outcome. I could not bare to watch it all unfold.

And only to awaken to a appalling outcome. *sigh* My heart and mind wants to panic at the thought. But I should not allow fear to creep into my thoughts. I keep forgetting to remind myself that no matter the lack of choice for the Oval Office, God is truly in charge, and He will protect and govern His people accordingly, and that we shall have no fear for what is to come. It has already been predestined and written by His Plan. So despite the whimsy of surrounding people and the shard shadows of media, I need to keep myself in remindance and keep a calm collected outlook.

However, its good to know that I'm not the only one that feels this way. I recently read an excerpt from one of my favourite Christian blogs, and her words struck home to my heart and reminded me of the truth. And quote - "It frightens me, terribly, to think of who it may be. There is but one thing that keeps my head held high. No matter who wins, no matter to whose name will be added the word, President, it is God who will lead our country. If the hearts of his people are turned to him, he will lead us. He will guide us and protect us." - unquote

My heart was all a flutter this morning of hurt and fear. But now I am am calm and cool. Its going to be alright. :o) I know who the real Commander In Chief truely is. And He gets all my votes and support! May the flock rest easy and sleep soundly, in the coming days...

In all of this I'm reminded of a poem by Robert Frost.
The Peaceful Shepherd
If heaven were to do again,
And on the pasture bars,
I leaned to line the figures in
Between the dotted starts,

I should be tempted to forget,
I fear, the Crown of Rule,
The Scales of Trade, the Cross of Faith,
As hardly worth renewal.

For these have governed in our lives,
And see how men have warred.
The Cross, the Crown, the Scales may all
As well have been the Sword.

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