Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I know, it's not today. It's tomorrow. But I work today AND Friday, so I've got to get in my holiday greetings while I can!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!

Here are my small plans - which mostly consists of constant interstate travel and less time spent at the dinner table turkey lurkeying (bummer). We (Mr.D and I) are headed to Mayberry, MS tonight. Once arrived, I shall spend the night there, briefly visit with family then leave back out (alone :o<)in the early afternoon to Florida (Mr D will stay in Mayberry until Sunday). I have recently been informed Dad and Ms. Kim will be in Florida until Friday. So I'm hoping I shall return early enough on Thursday night to possibly catch dinner with them (fingers crossed). And I'll be back to the grind at work on early Friday morning - Yay Black Friday. >OP - although such is the life in retail - I honestly can't complain. Least it keeps me from gaining holiday pounds and I've probably eaten enough "to-go" food all week to throw in the towel... but oh! the joys of warm turkey and ham!

I know I posted the things I am Thankful for yesterday
but I always love a good re-run. So here it is, again...

5 Things I am Thankful For:

• God's grace, love and word - This one alone is pretty self explanatory - But as I always look back to the rough patches of the past, it was Him that always gave me the strength and willingness to move on and continue. And despite that I always seem to do really really stupid, stupid things in the lack of judgment in my youth, I am still ever blessed! And I am ever so thankful for that and His undying Love and the ultimate gift He gave for us to have salvation!

• Family and Friends - I am ever thankful for the mishmash of family and friends I have. All wonderful and different in their own ways separately. But all making a huge impact on my life and continually molding me into a better and deeper human being - even when I'm being ever so ridiculous! :oP - Especially Mr. D - He keeps me grounded, sane, and manages to soothe my stressed out woes. He is always patient, willing to listen, has a smart solution to everything and an uncanny ability to calm my nerves when I'm upset, stressed or mad. Always the rock.. I'm that little pebble.

• Life - I am thankful that God continues to see me through each day. That He spoke me into this world and that I am able to live it, as happily and healthfully as I possibly can (even if I have one too many cheeseburgers). That I am allowed to do what I can with my days. Even if I do shamelessly miss the potential in living each to the fullest in some of those days, at least I have a chance to just Live another day. That is a gift I am thankful for!

• An unbridled mind and creativity - I am thankful again for God giving me the gift of an open mind and the gift of endless creativity. Yes, sometimes I am frustrated by the endless wonderful possibilities I've missed from that - creativity - that always has my mind humming along with new projects, goals, dreams, ideals, sketches, desires, hopes and love. However I'm ever so Thankful of that... It is my entire Livelihood, captivity and survival - I Live, Eat and Breathe the breath of Creativity. Without that - I could not even fathom Being - being me.

• The Thirst for Knowledge - I am thankful for the ever present "want" to learn new things, to always want to learn how to do a new trade, learn some new tidbit of information, to thirst to know what happened in the past, how people exist, how can I do that and if possibly better, and for the thirst of always thinking and wanting - "Show me How" or " I want to know" - "Let me Try - To Do". To thirst for more education, for higher education, for never being satisfied with what I know, wanting to dive deeper into subjects, to obsess over all the details until I see fit I've drained all possibilities or until it bores me. To never settle for less when it comes to learning something new.

I would love it if you either post your Thankful responses in the comments section or on your own blog. I'm looking forward to reading your Thankfuls.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Deborah Lowe said...

I'm so glad I found your blog on Inspire Me Thursday's website! I like your Thankful post. I can so relate to the paragraph about the endless creativity and ideas and possibilities in your mind. That can get so frustrating and it's hard to explain to people. I think the frustration comes with not having enough time to put all the endless possibilities into existence. What a marvelous gift we have though. I am so thankful for the gift of creativity and a sort of free spirit that goes along with it. God is so good. And for salvation - that is the most precious gift. It's nice to find a fellow believer.

Best wishes,

Kim D said...

Awe! No Thank you for your wonderful comment!
All the Best - K