Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tagged, I'm It!

Today is such a wonderful glorious day and a little off topic. Thanks to mr.D, we now have internet at home! So it was installed just moments ago, and I jumped on anxiously to surf, and realized I have been tagged! I love a game of tag!

So here goes: First - I was tagged by my lovely friend from Ruebee - Ms. Amy - http://mysnugville.blogspot.com/2008/11/taggedim-it.html

15 things to know about me.... oh my!.

• I have a severe addiction to Dr. Pepper. Severe. Its sickening.
• I only dated my husband for barely 7 months before we were engaged - we eloped 4 months later. - married 5 years and counting (yes amy, I totally had to copycat you there)
• I LOVE Christmas. It is my favourite holiday. I'm an absolute nut about it.
• dreams of one day - OWNING - a vintage home that has a porch, a yard, and a two room workshop that will double as a Welding/Fabrication Shop and an Art Studio
• Is left handed and loves it
• loves to sing - whether it sounds good or not
• is a secret photographer when provided with the correct type of camera and once received a scholarship to the Hallmark School of Photography.
• Loves to illustrate and create mixed media pieces - however rarely ever shares those real works to anyone.
• Has a secret desire to learn felting (possibly will soon) and learn to knit/crochet
• Has moved more than 8 times in one year within the same state - and no, not military or enrolled in the government relocation program
• desperately loves the mountains
• would love to live on a farm and to be self sufficient
• wants to eventually be able to sew all of my own clothing - and fashionably so!
• would love to work from home
• really stinks at anything mathmatical - but is fabulous in science and history

I get to tag someone! Hmm. I'm not sure WHO to tag. So I'm leaving this one open for anyone who feels up to the challange.

The next tag game I'd promised to participate in is from a new local friend - Miss Tiffany - http://ahighcalling2007.blogspot.com/

This one is perfect in light of the Thanksgiving Holiday spirit - 5 Things I am Thankful For:

• God's grace, love and word - This one alone is pretty self explanatory - But as I always look back to the rough patches of the past, it was Him that always gave me the strenght and willingness to move on and continue. And despite that I always seem to do really really stupid, stupid things in the lack of judgement in my youth, I am still ever blessed! And I am ever so thankful for that and His undying Love and the ultimate gift He gave for us to have salvation!

• Family and Friends - I am ever thankful for the mismash of family and friends I have. All wonderful and different in their own ways seperately. But all making a huge impact on my life and continuely molding me into a better and deeper human being - even when I'm being ever so ridiculous! :oP - Especially Mr. D - He keeps me grounded, sane, and manages to soothe my stressed out woes. He is always patient, willing to listen, has a smart solution to everything and an uncanny ability to calm my nerves when I'm upset, stressed or mad. Always the rock.. I'm that little pebble.

• Life - I am thankful that God continues to see me through each day. That He spoke me into this world and that I am able to live it, as happily and healthfully as I possibly can (even if I have one too many cheeseburgers). That I am allowed to do what I can with my days. Even if I do shamelessly miss the potential in living each to the fullest in some of those days, at least I have a chance to just Live another day. That is a gift I am thankful for!

• An unbridled mind and creativity - I am thankful again for God giving me the gift of an open mind and the gift of endless creativity. Yes, sometimes I am frustrated by the endless wonderful possibilities I've missed from that - creativity - that always has my mind humming along with new projects, goals, dreams, ideals, sketches, desires, hopes and love. However I'm ever so Thankful of that... It is my entire Livilyhood, capitivity and survival - I Live, Eat and Breathe the breath of Creativity. Without that - I could not even fathom Being - being me.

• The Thirst for Knowledge - I am thankful for the ever present "want" to learn new things, to always want to learn how to do a new trade, learn some new tidbit of information, to thirst to know what happened in the past, how people exist, how can I do that and if possibly better, and for the thirst of always thinking and wanting - "Show me How" or " I want to know" - "Let me Try - To Do". To thirst for more education, for higher education, for never being satisfied with what I know, wanting to dive deeper into subjects, to obcess over all the details until I see fit I've drained all possibilities or until it bores me. To never settle for less when it comes to learning something new.

I think those 5 should do for today. Hopefully tomorrow I should be able to come up with another 5 thankfuls. I'm not going to tag any specific person here. Either post your Thankful responses in the comments section or on your own blog. I'm looking forward to reading your tags. Happy Day! Tag You're It!


Amy said...

Your post was such a blessing! Pssst...high five on eloping! I don't meet very many people that have.

I love your thankful list...beautifully written.


Kim D said...

Thanks amy! I know! Its very seldom you meet elopers. That coz we rock! ;OD