Friday, January 9, 2009

B is for... Part 2 - Illustration Friday

I created this mixed media piece for today's Illustration Friday theme - Contain. However, my sweet darling pet cockatiel, Mr. Buddy, is the ultimate inspiration for the symbol of containment! 8x10 canvas.



Amy said...

This rocks, Kimberly! Yay, BUDDY!!! I just love your watercolor mixture and the color combo. Perfect!!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOh Kim this one is off the chain too. Your bird has such personality and it come right off the page. Great love went into this. You did a great job on this one too. We've been treated twice with your amazing work! We are not worthy, we are not worthy, he he he
Keep up with wonderful work Girly!

Kim D said...

Thanks gals!

Amy - as I was working on this one, I thought, "yep, I'm going to totally hear it from amy!" hahaha! So your comment was totally expected! ;o)

VBN - You have NO IDEA about how much personality my bird literally contains! If you only knew.... It cannot by any means be illustrated!
haha! ;o)

2 Geechee Girls said...

Hey Kim, I love the B and the Bird. I'm all into scroll work these days and letters so the letter B is really doing it for me today.