Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boredom at its Best.

Since returning back to work this week it seems as if time itself has come to a hault. The hours pass by ever so slow. I've gotten used to having so much done within the daylight hours that sitting here waiting on customers and doing simple tasks seems of such nonsense. Even though its really not - there are times at which say " It was 9am early, and it has felt more like it is now 3pm, and I look at the clock and its only 11am, seems insane!"

Anyway to cure the blues of mental boredom, I've recently discovered the most hilarious website! (see photo above for ingeniousness!) The name of the game at this website is to, well here is their definition of it - Sleeveface - one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion. It's perfect boredom eye candy!
And some of the images are just downright hilarious!

Another thing that calls to attention to my mental boredom is the fact that I'm missing my mother-in-law. Seriously! I know a lot of people don't say those type of things but I do really! I like my mother-in-law! She is a riot! And she normally keeps me company during the long work days via Yahoo Messenger. She lives in Texas - I in Florida. And since Christmas she has been MIA to the messenger. I know that she is alive and well since she's been in contact with the fellas... But OH! How I miss our daily jaunts on messenger! It's killing me! Well maybe not literally killing me, but it sure does make the day less interesting without her witticisms and smart humour. I hope she comes back soon. I'm not sure how much longer of this I can take. *sigh*

Speaking of which, during exploring the vast wide net (ha, wide net - was actually a movie filmed in my hometown here) I came across a new artist trading card website - Oh the horrors to my avid atc addiction, I've already signed myself up for 2 swaps! I could easily sign myself up for more, easily! ...but, I'm trying to fight my addiction and not to overwhelm myself by sighing up for 20 swaps. I told myself, I'll just do these two swaps, mail it all off, then.. maybe... sign up for more.. yes. So far so good.
I just have to be strong and resist temptation! Those forums are enticing indeed!

I was hoping today's Inspire me Thursday would keep my wild mind/muse at bay. But goodness no, the site is still stuck on last weeks theme. I shall be patient and wait for the new theme. I guess in the meantime, I can contemplate the creation of my atc themed cards.

The two swaps I signed up for are "Mixed Media Hearts" and "Edgar Allen Poe".
The first is due on Feb.6th and the second is due on March 6. So yes, plenty of time to create, finish, mail and sign up for a million, er, I mean two more. ;o)

Now I'm off to go put these things on my calendar, just in case.... i may forget!


Amber said...

That movie sounds neat... Where could we pick it up?

LOVE the sleeve pics too. I can't remember where I saw it, but my husband and his beloved is coming to mind...

Tiffany said...

That first picture made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

See you on Monday!


Amy said...

Very sweet to miss your mil. There are many women who wish they did...seriously. I miss my mil now that we are states appart :)

Love the sleeve website....I so have to show my hubby. They have a flickr group, too! I joined..ha!

Are you sending in a picture? It's so you...please do!!

Here's a cute one