Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bangles

Last night I worked on these series of patterned bangles for the shop that I work at. Its a crazy story that I still can't believe came about to a reality into this very project.

I had made 2 bangles such as these for a Christmas present for my friend, Jeni, who is a fashion designer and has been giving me fashion design lessons, so I thought it fitting to make her some bangles with vintage sewing patterns adhered. So during sometime after I had given the present to her, she either showed my boss what I had made for her or my boss saw them and asked where she had gotten them. Either way, it got back to me... about a week or so ago, my boss asked if I would like to make a few for the shop to sell. Sure! That would be absolutely amazing!

Of course little does she know that is a goal of mine - to have my artwork featured in shops for sale. And what is even more surreal - is that the shop I work in is a jewelry shop for fine handmade jewelry by artists all over the united states. Of course I know my pieces are mostly for a cheaper point of sale item - but also to support a local artist - which is nice. And people here love that!

So I still can't believe that here I was last night, coating the last coat of Poly Varnish over these, so that I could take them to work with me and would possibly to never see them again - gone to a good home! To which all what began as a simple Christmas present that evolved into something a little bit more. How Blessed!

Well while I was waiting for the bangles to dry, I did however begin working on my Edgar cards. I am possibly 70% finished with the first card set and I have to say it is turning out exactly as I had hoped! (And I had High Hopes!) So I hope I won't spoil it by saying good things about the process. *fingers crossed* I have one card nearly complete - I finished hammering in the eyelets last night. All I have to do is attach an Edgar quote and that will be finished. Ah I love when it all comes together accordingly.

I also hope today is a speedy little day. I'm anxious to get back home and get to work on my projects. Though it does seem a bit warmer today - yesterday's high was 40. This morning it seemed warmer - and I have on less layers than I did yesterday - so either I have become accustom to the frigid air slapping my face or it really is warming up, if not by a small degree! Here's hoping!! Well I had better wrap it up here, I have to check my email and work on some web banners that needs updating. Stay warm!

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Shannon said...

Kim, those are fabulous! As in, really really fabulous! :-) And wow, what a fantastic opportunity! I'm so excited for you! :-)

In Christ,