Saturday, January 24, 2009

WIP - Work in Progress

Today is such a drabby little day. It has finally warmed up (feels like 70s) but only to bring dark clouds looming with rain.. And not that I mind that at all, I only wish I was at home during such a dark cloudy day, working on the cards seen above. The day is almost Poe-like in itself.

These are "set one" of the Edgar cards I have started on. Still sitting on the table unfinished. It took long enough to sketch out Edgar from a photo online. As you see in the picture, I've done a pen, ink, "sharpie" and pencil illo of him and have "ghosted" him in with tissue paper. The photo of the woman is from a scanned tintype. The woman is for the second set of cards and she is to represent Virginia Clemm, Edgar's wife and cousin. (slightly ick, I know). This tintype was a fairly close match to what Virginia may have looked like. There aren't any photos of her online that I could find, except for a statue-esc portrait of her. The third set of cards is to be about "the raven" - I'm still brainstorming on these.

This is still and always the part I always geek out about when creating themed atcs (artist trading cards). The amount of research that is needed sometimes in order to represent the theme accurately. It is something I love for not only am I creating something but I am also educating myself and others in the process. Though this time, I'm not completely in the dark about Mr. Poe. I have had a longer process in deciding which quotes I want to use and how I want each card to look to interpret the quotes in a way I think will work. I think these processes add to my addiction in creating and trading these mini works of art.

If I have peaked your curiosity on the history of Poe, you can read more here:


Amber said...

Love the new header! :o) I can't wait to see the final cards, too!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I LOVE your new look and everything. It's just wonderful. You have been very busy since the last time I came by. I'm so excited to see your Artist trading cards! I can't wait. Please let me know when you finish I would love to peek!!! Have a great week girly!

Rui Sousa said...

Lovely, I really like your work!