Saturday, February 7, 2009

Better Than I Deserve...

So I just could not resist posting about this...I have been trying to keep a good "art" blog and leave out the personal garb, however, I am working on something life changing that I just cannot go on quietly about any much longer. I want to share this life changing discovery with others and hope that it will maybe impact their lives for the better.

Over the years, I've had several people (friends and one family member) tell me about Dave Ramsey and his books. I've had people ask me to go sign up for his Financial Peace University class. I don't know why I never did... but this past January I had a financial scare. I know that I'm being far too open about this subject...but in all honesty I did.

It was scary and it woke me up to a reality that I was so much in denial about... Debt. Which has been ruling over my life - literally! - just like 99% of all people in these times today. Anyway, I finally decided to "treat" myself to one of Dave's books - Total Money Makeover - and see what all the fuss was about. This purchase alone has been the greatest financial decision I have ever made so far in my life... And believe me - since reading this book - I'm about to make many more smart financial decisions!

I have now been on Dave's Financial Peace plan for nearly a month now - and I have made more progress financially with debt than I ever have in the past few years. I have literally paid off a doctor bill I had been struggling with for the past year or so, along with 2 sizable credit cards that I've also been struggling with. Not counting the progress of Mr.D - who has also paid off 2 sizable cards (one being mine that he used for I don't even remember what for) and our furniture loan. And coming this March - according to the plan - I will have two more very sizable credit cards paid off! Gone!

The plan will continue on - I have 3 very very very large credit cards left along with my car note - these cards were all from "emergencies and Christmas gifts for our very large families that we can never afford to buy for". I have to say we are doing better - this past Christmas was the first Christmas we didn't "charge it".

So according to the plan - I am looking forward to having my consumer debt paid by the end of this summer (if I work really hard) or early to mid fall. And having my car note paid off by early to middle of next year, which is a year or two earlier than my loan requires! These will be huge accomplishments and all will lead up to being completely debt free! And more able to give to charities and tithing, which has been very slim to nearly non existent prior to this.

So I am very excited.. and I hope that this will inspire others to pick up the book, read it and change your life...and cross over to a "cash only for everything" way of life! It is truly amazing and freeing!


Sandy said...

Wow, I'm so happy for you! You have a great reason to be proud of yourself. Well done!

Shannon said...

Good for you, Kim! I was just introduced to Dave Ramsey's books through a friend, and found them so helpful. He really is amazing!

I'm so glad you've already made so much progress, and I hope your future endeavors are blessed!

Yours in Christ,

Kim D said...

Thanks everyone!

Shan - I agree - he is amazing! And its so great to see him sharing his calling to help millions of people! That in itself is inspiring!