Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chemistry at Home.

This past week I've been cleaning and sorting through things like a mad woman. If all goes well, we shall be moving to a new house near the end of this month. (Which is rather spur of the moment and due to my lack of blogging lately) The new house is just a few blocks down and closer to the bay (as in I can see the bay from the yard) so its not like its a big move - but its a move all the same!

However, I've been consumed with Pre-Spring Cleaning... and I don't want to spend a small fortune on cleaning supplies - so I've been creating my own.. thus the point of this post...

I've created a new blog - www.thedomesticchemist.blogspot.com - to share with everyone any and all recipes from cleaning products to new food recipies.. All things domestic that requires a little mixing here and there! So check it out! I hope you all find it informative and enjoy!


Becca said...

Wow! This is a fast house-swap for you guys. I would love to be able to see the beach from my yard too! Does this have anything to do with your gazelle intensity? :) If so, yay for you!!!

Kim D said...

Haha! I know!! Nah, We are renting the house we are in now...and we forgot that within a month or so our lease comes up, so it just so happens that a cute little vintage Spanish style house is available for renting right now.

So we talked to our landlord to see if we could break lease a little early to move 2 blocks down. He was like sure! no problem!

Though the new house is cheaper in rent! So that does help my gazelle intensity! Strangely I had no hand in picking out the new house.. the guys found it - set up the appointments and everything! I did go see it on sunday... super cute!

It is a little smaller - but i think it fits us much better than the one we are in.. its so huge!
The kitchen and back patio deck is masterful! And in this new house I will have my own ART room! So I know where I will be spending my time! haha!

April Jarocka said...

Good luck with the house move Kim and great move with the cleaning products. I go natural when I can too. This is Just to say thanks for following me at Ugly Rabbit. I have simplified my url so many apologies for any inconvenience. it's now: http://www.uglyrabbits.blogspot.com