Saturday, April 25, 2009

Long Time No Sea

Hi Everyone! Long time no sea, egh?! Well I'm slowly getting back into action in the art scene again since relocating... Actually I've been quite busy offline - creating contacts, brick and morter venues to sell my art pieces, working on design elements and creating my own website, creating new mixed media pieces, etc.

As well as writing in my two other blogs about daily life - I guess having three blogs that cover the 3 different aspects of my life - is much like having split personalities.. haha! There is the Art side, the Domestic side and the Athletic side.

To share those other two spots with you, if you already have not subscribed -
The Domestic Queen lives here -
The Fitness Buff who is trying to make a Difference lives here -

To update those who are only interested in the Art part... here are the Vintage Sewing Pattern Bangles I created back in December (as a Christmas gift to my friend Jeni), which have suddenly blown up!

Vintage Pattern Bangles Stack - Basic Small and Large - Sold here.

I'm currently selling my bangles online at and in the brick and morter shop - Susan Campbell Jewelry - - as one of her "local" artists.. and I'm working on packaging up a few to sell at another shop back in my hometown.

I've discovered how to incorporate words into the vintage patterns before fusing onto the bangles.. so I'm still working on my new experimental line of bangles. As seen below.

The Motivational Series - Vintage Pattern Bangles Stack - Sold here.

These bangles feature a variety of motivational words like - aspire, motivate, strive, treasure, inspire, imagine, support... etc.. You can wear the "words" toward you for personal inspiration or outward to inspire others.

I'm having alot of fun creating these pieces.. I was thinking about releasing a Dictionary Series pretty soon.. who knows.. I'm just waiting to see how the new technique goes across... if those are as successful as the plain bands I created, then I'll definitely start creating different Typographical series.

We shall see... I'm patient. In the meantime, I'm working on some new mixed media assemblages. I have a request to submit some for sell/show and for inexpensive prints (which make nice easy gifts).. so I'm working on doing that and having things printed. So its all in progress.. I'm trying to keep busy with and improve upon. I'm enjoying making new contacts and outlets for my art.. I feel like finally things are starting to fall in place. So that is where I have been with things - - and away from my blog... Luckily, Blogger now has incorporated the feature of being able to blog via email. This to me is heaven sent! I can easily blog from an email anywhere.. So I think my blog entries will become frequent again. Let's hope!

Happy Weekend!

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