Monday, June 29, 2009

Boot Scootin'

Vacation Day 2 - status - somewhere in the mountains scootin' my boots.

Maybe as I get older my style is becoming more classic, nostalgic, maybe even trying to comeback to my childhood southern farm girl roots... these days I'm loving simple feminine fitted dresses and patterns paired with more rustic footwear such as Cowboy boots.

I'm not sure why I'm on a cowboy boot kick.. I've been wearing the mess out of my mini cowboots as well as my moccasins - these are both shoes I wore as a little girl paired with flowered or simple sundresses as I would romp about the farm... Anyway, when I discovered these very cherry vintage RED cowboy boots from Etsy shop - Hell Cat Vintage (in Johnson City, TN) - for a steal! I asked Cindy if she could reserve them for me for my return.

Those boots are absolutely smartly perfect! Knee high and would match perfectly with a certain blue dress from Texas that I've been eyeing (will post that pick tomorrow). I've learned from my in-laws, who live in Texas, that coming across a decent good looking and affordable pair of cowboy boots is near impossible! Even in Texas! So if your smart, you can't blame me here!

Back to Hell Cat Vintage, not only does she carry amazingly cherry cowboy boots, but she also has the most perfect vintage outfits! Take this one for example - Polka Dot Pin-up Rockabilly Halter - does this not just scream summertime fun! Can you just think how amazing this whole outfit would look paired with some cute wedges!

Who wouldn't want to attend the local summer Blueberry festival all dolled up in this ensemble!? You'd be too hot to trot ... getting all the boys attention! Hot Diggity! So go now, check out Hell Cat Vintage - I promise this is one kitty that doesn't bite!

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Cindy said...

Kim, you are the sweetest! Thank you so much for featuring my shop and for being such a great customer. I appreciate it more than you know!

All my best,
Cindy @ Hellcat Vintage