Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Road

At this point, we are on the road traveling... and I couldn't help but want to feature another favourites list shop whose clothing I just adore but not only the clothing, I also completely admire their photography - and yes, today's feature was purposely chosen for the vintage truck.

This sweet and sexy ruffled piece, entitled Romance and Ruffles is absolutely gorgeous and so completely feminine who wouldn't want to wear it out of doors! Dare I say, here in Florida, where the dress code is practically skin... you really could quite possibly get away with wearing this out... possibly... And being sexy, yet modestly sexy, it also just looks so comfy... I just love how its pieced together so well with rough and rugged cowboy boots.. visual perfection!

The Etsy shop who created this stunning piece is Ouma Clothing. who has an amazing selection of cute tutu skirts and more formal dresses - one of which I forwarded to my sister in hopes that she may consider as a decision for a lovely simple wedding dress. Or maybe the pink and black one for a bridesmaids dresses - HINT! *wink wink* What? I can hope anyway... right?

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