Friday, June 19, 2009

New Items in the Shop.

Knowledge is Power - - 7x5 Mixed Media Painting/Collage on wood.

Since the last time I've blogged here, I've been a busy girl finishing up new paintings and ordering some prints of those paintings. So there are several new items in the SHOP!

One of which.... is this dapper looking fellow... listed as a Collage Painting as linked above. And these prints as pictured below would make a happy "extra" to a graduate or back to school gift..

Knowledge is Power - Mixed Media Collage - Print
Here is a little more about my prints - It measures 148mm x 105 mm (that's 5.8"x4.1") which is Postcard size. They are professionally printed on heavy paper, with a nice, smooth gloss finish. Only the front has laminate, the reverse is uncoated so you can easily write your own message on the back.
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Onto another fun note -- I've recently discovered another fabulous eco-friendly shop called Green Post. The shop's artist, Kendra, carries the most amazing and eco-friendly products such as seeded stationary, eco pulp magnets and eco pulp buttons, and more! Complete Green Eye Candy.. least in my opinion! All of her pieces are truely super colourful and amazing!
Another bonus of Green Post is that Kendra has created these series of art panels of a basic mixture of eco pulp that has been converted into large canvas like panels that are perfect for doing artwork on.. or anything else for that matter! After seeing these panels, I sent Kendra a quite lengthy conversation about them, as she was more than happy to entertain my questions. She also forwarded me several samples to try out for my mixed media methods.

Over the weekend, I shall play with these samples and if all goes well accordingly, I plan on switching my works onto the Eco Art Panels instead of using the same old canvas and wood frames I normally work from. Doing this will definitely help in my "green" efforts, so I am beyond excited! Especially since I get to work and co-colaborate with another artist like Kendra makes it even doubly all worth while!
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I love summer because it seems to bring out new opportunities and new projects. Along with scientifically experimenting with art techniques.. I'm also working on a list of new things to go in collaboration with The Day Hiker.

And Don't worry.. I have not killed off At Sea Level just quite yet... its just that the items, such as recycled plastic bags, in ASL is now become more mainstream... basically its everywhere and every one can do it.. so the need for those things have dwindled. And the thrill of creating those things is gone. Thus why the birth of The Day Hiker - still along those "green" roots of ASL but on more of a earthy handmade goods and wears approach to the outdoor granola chewer in all of us.. It also appeals to the ever growing needs I've come across while day hiking.. whether in Florida or in the Mountains... I hope this will be a fun and lengthy adventure. And I will continue to donate sale profits to environmental groups... more than likely with The Day Hiker - those donations will go to the National Parks who as always are in dire need of public donations. Anyway.. just a preview of what is to come in the near future..


Kendra Zvonik said...

Without realizing the name of your blog, I just finished and listed a new painting in my other shop called "At Sea Level"! I guess, since we are both Floridians, we have much in common.
Thank you so much for promoting my shop with such enthusiasm! I am really excited to collaborate with you and can't wait to see how the projects will come together! I love your work and you have the best attitude :)
You're AWESOME!! Have a great weekend!

Kim D said...

I know! I just saw that! btw - Its absolutely gorgeous! I'm completely taken by those canvas paintings.

Your welcome! I know.. I can hardly wait.. and now I'm even more doomed since I've discovered your vintage shop that contains Postcards of Eras Gone By... Oh! I'm Doomed! ;o) but in a mischievous good way of course!

I totally heart your patience with my millions of questions and ramblings on...

btw - I just discovered something even more Twilight Zone freaky.. We were both in the same treasury not too long ago.. check out my Saturday, May 3oth post..