Saturday, June 27, 2009

Featured Destination

I decided that while I was away on vacation that I would feature a different Etsy shop on my Etsy Favourites List each day - which is what I should be doing anyway, but sometimes its so hard to remain focused to blog. Anyhoo, I'll start the featurettes off with a little something on my fave list - The Journey Charm Pendants - ideal for the traveling jetsetter.

This small rustic style charm pendant comes from the lovely little shop - The Sea Change - which of course, the name alone strikes a loving chord in my heart.. :O)

The description of The Sea Change's shop is simply perfect on what inspires to make the pieces featured in the shop - "Digging through hidden trinkets and treasures during my travels is where I get my thrills. I've blended a huge collection of charms, the new and old, to create these one of a kind keepsakes."

Gorgeous! This piece is definitely something on my wish list for my traveling bug. And don't forget to check out The Sea Change's shop for other modern vintage charmed lovelies!

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