Sunday, July 5, 2009

Country Dreaming

Vacation Day 8 - status - It's the last day - check out time.. time to make the 8 hour drive back home.. sadness of departure slowly setting in...

Two shops will be featured channeling the thoughts of Country Dreaming...

First is COUNTRY FARM SHED BIRDHOUSE WITH TIN ROOF - by Millcreek Crafts of North Carolina.
I love the look of these birdhouses... reminds me so much of all the cottages, cabins and barns in Appalachia. You just can't help to fall in love with.. and I love the fact that these provide some sweet little birds a picturesque warm cozy home!

The second shop I heart on my faves list is 3CountryGirls - although located in New York, 3CountryGirls has clothing that is perfect and chic for a southern girls more humid climate and slower pace of living! I couldn't help but fall in love with their - Rustic Women's Linen Top Blouse Country Style with hand sewn details - is perfect for hot summery days.

Paired with denim jeans or denim shorts, a chic leather belt, and the right set of sandals (or boots *wink* ) is the perfect ensemble for summer!

Check out 3CountryGirls for more cool collections.. its as breezy as an old T-Topped Camaro slow rollin on a hot summer night...

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