Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Vacation Day 7 - Happy Anniversary America! Happy Independence Day! Viva Americana!

Happy Anniversary to Mister D and I - 6 years full of adventure.... and what adventures may lay ahead in the future. The day we lost our independence and became dependent on each other through better and worse.. in sickness and in health... love you dearly...

Today's featured shops will show no long elaborated statements of how much I love each of these items.. more or less.. I'll let the items speak for themselves today.. channels up so much of this day.. a special day.. in America.. and in life.. Celebration... of being American.. of Freedom.. of Love... Enjoy.
Helene wedding dress - by - Leanimal - as featured on Project Runway

Americana Star Ornies - by - Prairie Harvest Arts

Happy Independence Day!
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