Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gettin' Dirty

Vacation Day 4 - Getting dirty, possibly muddy, romping thru the mountain forests...

Today I'm featuring an Etsy shop by a close dear friend whom I have always admired, from back in the small hometown that I grew up in - in Mississippi.

Check out - Dirt Road South - Lori's shop features a variety of gorgeous pieces ranging from yummy wearable art that is enough to tempt the taste buds to some of my most favourite pieces, her mosaic art!

Lori and I went to graphic design school together and I remember a certain photo project that was very much mosaic in quality - I've always loved that piece and I'm more than certain that is where her inspiration lies for these pieces.

Of course the pick on my faves list is the - Mosaic Pendant - Patchwork Quilt - I love the colours along with the textures. And of course the bonus of it being "wearable art"

These pieces are certain to be a statement making accessory! Another faves list item is the mosaic wall art - in particular - the Juicy Red Tomato. I love the choices for the bright colours. And as in the past - she has extreme talent in the mosaic arts - which is always inspiring!

Check out Dirt Road South's shop - I guarantee to try and not find somthing you won't like! It can't be done! You will love Dirt Road South like a shovel loves dirt! Bet on it!

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