Thursday, July 2, 2009


Vacation Day 5- Feelin' a little brisk at the Summit of Mt. LeConte

Another absolute must - featurette... the ever so talented Katelyn of KMKnits - yes, my long devoted followers will recognize KMKnits from AtSeaLevel adventures. So it is only fitting that I also feature her in my week series of featurettes!

Katelyn is brilliantly executing new ideas for fingerless mitts! (Which I might add are perfectly toasty warm and comfortable!) Her newest creation is Fog Mitts or Colour Block Mitts, which are perfect for slightly cool mornings or brutally chilly office conditions.

I love these - Color Block Mitts (Gray with Emerald Blue) - and as always I love her colour combinations for all her mitts.. pairing bold colours with muted undertones in a simple understated way that however attracts lots of attention when wearing them.
Not only does she have a vast array of colourful mitts but cute caplets as well. Go check out her shop now! Despite all the hot weather, I promise you her shop will have you feeling all warm and cozy, dreaming dreams of hot coco and cuddling!

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